So, here’s the deal. The Millennial Miss is dedicated to you, the evolving woman.


The Millennial Miss is a blog community dedicated to the every millennial woman, struggling through her 20s like the rest of us. Chelsea Briche, The Millennial Miss herself, has created a community that welcomes anyone and everyone with the reassurance that "you are exactly where you need to be." The aesthetic is proudly feminine with a focus on millennials, and I carried this theme through her logo redesign, website updates, EPK and other branded materials Chelsea has required in order to maintain her online brand.



The Millennial Miss is feminine and timeless, and I used sharp, clean type to complement this look.

The Millennial Miss Logo


The Millennial Miss website is the source of Chelsea's content and has lived online since 2014. I was hired to update the visuals, while keeping up the branded look.

The Life Currency Responsive Website Design via squarespace